The Young Coaches Program

Program Overview

The Mavericks Young Coaches Program has been created for Mavericks players of high school age who want to make a positive impact in their community. As part of our strategic focus on building stronger bonds with the community, we have recently re-launched the program.

This is also part of our effort to establish a learning environment and develop coaches from within our own program, providing our players with a platform to develop leadership, communication skills, and overall professional skills in an environment where they already feel and safe and comfortable.

What are the Goals of the Program?

  • To help young adults improve their leadership skills, self-confidence, and community ties
  • To introduce young adults to concepts of coaching education and child development
  • To show young adults how to use sports to impart life lessons
  • To create role models for the next generation of youth soccer players
  • To expose our players to soccer opportunities beyond play, thereby enhancing retention, and integration of soccer as a lifetime passion

What are the Benefits of the Program?

  • For the first season, participants are volunteers (NOTE: many local high schools and college applications expect some community service, and this counts toward that!)
  • After the first season, if selected to continue in the program for a second season, players will be paid
  • All participants receive a Mavericks Soccer Club Young Coaches uniform.
  • Opportunity to earn USSF grassroots coaching licenses through the USSF online digital coaching center
  • Opportunity, if selected, to work on Mavericks "Open" Summer Camps

What is their Role?

  • Each Young Coach is assigned to support a younger team within the club, and must consistently attend & assist coaching at one practice per week AND 2+ home games during the season
  • Provide coaching support at Mavericks clinics and academy programs
  • Communicate with the DOC and Head Coach in a professional manner
  • Commit to the Mavericks Young Coaches program for at least one season (Spring or Fall)
  • Attend a monthly coaches meeting and a coaching training seminars

Who is Eligible?

  • Open to all current Mavericks players
  • Players must be of high school age
  • Mavericks Executive Director & Director of Coaching will oversee all young coaches


If you have any questions related to the Young Coaches Program please contact the clubs Director of Coaching at


1191 SOLANO AVE #6288   ALBANY,  CA 94706