Alliance Winter Street Soccer Program

The Spurs x Mavs Alliance Winter Street Soccer Program is an 8-week, fun, fast-paced, indoor/outdoor street soccer program and a great way for players to continue working on individual technical skills and athleticism.

What's Included

  • TWO practice sessions a week with a professional coach (1 hours/session)
  • One Performance/Injury Resistance Class per week with PhaseFIT Gym (45 mins/session, online & in person
  • Game every weekend (4 in house tournament style games and 4 pick up games within age groups)

That's 4 sessions per week - AMAZING

Total Training Sessions = 16
Total PhaseFIT Sessions = 8
Total Games =8


Winter Street Soccer Program FAQ's


  • How Much Does the Program Cost? What is included ?

The winter training program costs $500. Teams will have 2 one-hour foot skills sessions, 1 45-minute physical performance session at PhaseFIT Gym, and 1 game on Saturdays.

  • Is there a registration deadline to join the program?

Yes, Due to the logistics of placing all players and teams in an internal program, the registration deadline is November 20th, 2022 for guaranteed placement.

  • When does the program start/finish? When and where are the training sessions?

The program runs from January 3 - February 26. Practices will run on weekdays - schedule to come- with practices occurring between 3:30 to 8pm. Practices can be held at any of the following locations: Korematsu Middle School (gym or outdoor court space), Ocean View Elementary School gym, Gilman North Turf field, and Phasefit Gym in Albany.

  • Since this is a joint program with MAVS and Spurs, will my players be on a MAVS teams or a Spurs Teams? Are the groups mixing?

We plan to form teams based on the players’ current placement, ie. Spurs teams will be composed of Spurs players and Mavs teams will be composed of Mavs players.

  • Is Financial Aid available for the program?

Yes. Players can apply for financial aid by following the link below:

  • Will teams be playing in a league? What is the travel commitment?

We are holding internal gameplay within our program. Over the 8 weeks, teams will have 4 games against other teams in similar age groups and 4 games set up in an open play environment to allow the players to blend and build on the Alliance.

  • Can we still join the even if we will be out of town for a few weeks during the program?

Yes, however - we ask that all players participating plan to attend a majority of the sessions because we anticipate a waitlist

  • What do players needs to wear and bring with them?

Players will be provided 2 (two) free Alliance training jerseys as part of their registration. Futsal shoes are ideal for the training sessions on the Korematsu pavement and indoor gyms. Regular soccer cleats are ideal for the turf. We will provide balls during the sessions but encourage players to also bring their own.

  • Who will coach our team and when will we find out?

Teams will know who their coach is by December 1st. We plan to place players with their current head coach or with a coach who is coaching in similar age group teams at their current club (ie. Mavs with a Mavs coach, Spurs players with a Spurs coach)