Transitioning into the 2020/21 Season

Mavericks Players and Teams Transition Plan


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting Shelter in Place orders, Mavericks Soccer Club recognizes that the traditional formation of teams through tryouts may not be possible at this time. We want to minimize the uncertainty around team formation. Thus, After careful consideration the Mavericks Board of Director with the recommendations of the leadership team have decided to offer all current players an invitation to rejoin their current teams for the 2020/21 season.

The Club still plans to host tryouts if and when we are able to do so. The current tryouts have been postponed, new tentative tryouts dates have been set for June 6-July 20th by NorCal Premier Soccer (these dates are subject to change as the situation changes) Until Mavericks know if and when tryouts will officially go head we will not be scheduling any tryout days or times.

If you accept your spot, through this transition you may only have to attend tryouts to help our coaching staff evaluate new players from outside the club. In the case of an age group with multiple teams, tryouts may be used to evaluate players seeking to move up from a blue to a black team.

The club's number one priority is to ensure that all current Mavericks players have a place to play competitive soccer next year. Our aim for this transition is to allow for players and families to have consistency and emotional balance in these other wise difficult times.

Returning Players Registration Timeline

  • Players that are currently registered and are in good standing with a Mavericks Soccer Club team will be invited to transition to their new team in their same current age group through an opt-in process. 
  • Players will be sent an invitation with a registration link that will require them to complete the $50 opt-in fee for registration before June 6th. This will guarantee your spot for the 2020/21 season.
  • If a player does not commit to opt in to the program within the time frame allowed, they will forgo their team and age group opportunity and lose their guaranteed roster spot. 
  • Upon building the teams for the 2020/21 season and after any potential "tryouts", we will send full player invitations to all players on each team. Players that have previously opted in will have their club fee reduced by the $50
  • Age groups and/or specific rosters that are determined to be in need of additional players will be supported by “age group training and/or tryouts” during the NorCal tryout window.
  • Age group training and/or tryouts will only be held to fill spot on our current rosters if they have been left short from players not committing to the club for the 2020/21 season, or if the additional players are require to add to the roster.

For players from outside the club who wish tryout for Mavericks Soccer Club and the 2020/21 season may register HERE to attend our open tryouts/training sessions. Once we are allowed to return to play we will be hosting tryouts to players in an approved Norcal Premier tryout window timeline. By registering to tryout you will receive all the information required to tryout for the club.

Please Note:

  • Mavericks Soccer Club will always comply with all CDC, federal, state, county, and City of Berkeley guidelines pertaining to player safety, including Covid19 coordination to oversee and return to play, policies and guidelines. 
  • At this point, we are unable to suggest dates of certainty however, we have been provided dates to consider if conditions open up and we can return to normal training
  • We recognize that the  Covid19 situation is fluid, and we will adjust dates as needed to ensure player safety. We appreciate full cooperation and patience and are committed to regularly communicating updates to our membership. 
  • There will be tryouts for age groups that require new players. Examples include our 2008 Girls teams that will be increasing roster sizes in the 2020/21 season.  All age groups in the club will invite Mavericks players FIRST and If any roster is in need of additional players after all Mavericks players have had the opportunity to accept a roster spot, our club will then review all options, which includes holding open “age group training sessions” to add to rosters 
  • While we understand there are many questions about the upcoming soccer season the club will consider the season as includes, but not limited to: Training and competitions that include NorCal Premier Fall and Spring seasons, State Cup, tournaments & showcases, Futsal (younger age groups) and club services. Virtual learning will be implemented as needed to best support players and teams - either voluntarily, or due to Shelter in Place requirements.

We have created a FAQ with common questions that will hopefully give you some more information specific to your own situation. Please refer to our updated refund policy if you have any questions about season cancellations.