Training Schedule & Additonal Training Clincs

Spring 2020 In-Season Training

Our in-season training program includes 3 required team training sessions per week for our older age groups, and 2 per week for our younger age groups.  In addition, we offer optional skill and development clinics (see below).

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Throughout the year, Mavericks Soccer Club ensures that our players receive the very best technical skill  training through a variety of additional clinics and training programs. These clinics and programs are designed to develop and improve all players technical skills which are essential to the foundations of all soccer players. Through high level instruction from Mavericks Soccer Clubs professional coaching staff these clinics ensure that our players are continually given the tools to improve their technical skills in a fun and rewarding environment.

Early Bird Academy

Each week (Monday through Thursday) during the season Mavericks hosts a 30-minutes open play program for all of our Mavericks players in the U8-U12 age groups.
The Early Bird Academy runs from 3:30-4:00 pm at the Gabe fields.
The Early Bird Academy emphasizes "unstructured free play" which means that the kids will have the opportunity to play small sided games with limited instruction. The benefits of this type of play are massive for their development. It provides them with a chance to get more game-related technical development, it encourages independent thinking, creativity, and confidence and it also promotes positive psycho-social behavior.

Ultimately, we want Mavericks players to love to play games, and we want to give them an environment where they can do that right as they step on the field.

Spring 2020 Early Bird - Starts Monday March 2nd

Goalkeeper Training Program

Mavericks Soccer Club offers clinics specifically designed to improve our goalkeepers game. Age-specific clinics will focus on essential goalkeeper skill development alongside distribution and organization. Goalkeepers clinics are open to all players and all our younger players are encouraged to attend. For designated goalkeepers on our older teams, we make sure there are weekly goalkeeper clinics and we also look to support our goalkeepers during their practices by having a goalkeeper coach regularly attend team practices to assist the head coaches with a specific goalkeeper and team interactions.


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Academy Training Clinics


Project 1v1 Skill Development

For the Mavericks Soccer Club younger team players, we look to supplement their two times per week training with an additional academy training clinic. These clinics are open to players in the U9-U12 age brackets and will focus on developing certain technical aspects of the game. The clinics are designed to develop our youngest Mavericks technical skills and tactical understanding in a positive and fun environment that stretches each player's current capabilities and creative thinking.

Project 1v1 Spring 2020 - Start Friday March 20th 4-5:15pm on Gabe East

6 Program - Last session April 24th

Summer 2020 Team Camps

The Mavericks summer team camps will be the official start of the 2020 fall season. This season the club will be changing its summer training slightly for our U14 players and older. The older teams will now take part in a two week pre-season training program. This will consist of training Monday through Thursday from 5-7pm over the course of two weeks. All the younger team will kick off their fall season with a traditional 3 hour, one week summer camp.

All players are expected to attend as much of their team camp or pre season training program as possible. In most cases, the head coach will be present at the team camps, on the rare occasion the head coach is unable to run the team camp another Mavericks professional coach will run the camp.

Teams Trianing Camp DatesTraining Times Location
2005/04 Girls Black July 25-295-7pmGilman South
2006 Girls Black July 18-224:307pmGilman South
2006 Girls BlueJuly 18-224:30-7pmGilman South
2007 Girls Black July 25-295-7pmGilman South
2007 Boys Black July 18-222:30-5pmGilman South
2007 Boys YellowJuly 18-222:30-5pmGilman South
2007 Boys Blue July 18-222:30-5pmGilman South
2008 Girls Black July 25-292:30-5pmGilman South
2008 Girls BlueAug 1 -5 5-7pm Gilman East
2008 Girls GrayJuly 18-2212-2:30pmGilman West
2008 Boys Black July 25-292:30-5pmGilman South
2009 Girls Black July 25-2912-2:30pmGilman South
2009 Boys Black July 18-229-11:30amGilman South
2010 Girls Black July 18-22 12-2:30pmGilman South
2010 Boys BlackJuly 18-229-11:30amGilman South
2011 Girls Black July 25-2912-2:30pmGilman South
2011 Boys Black July 25-299-11:30amGilman South
2011 Boys BlueJuly 25-299-11:30amGilman South
2012 Girls Black July 25-2912-2:30pm Gilman South
2012 Boys Black July 25-299-11:30amGilman South
2012 Boys Blue July 25-299-11:30am Gilman South
2013 Girls (Pool) August 1 -52-4pm Gilman North
2013 Boys (Pool)August 1 -52-4pm Gilman North
2014 Girls (Pool)August 1 -52-4pm Gilman North
2014 Boys (Pool)August 1 -52-4pmGilman North