Spring 2021 On Field and Virtual Traning Schedule

Spring 2021 Training

The ongoing Public Health crisis is still having a significant impact on how the club can operate its training programs. Currently, the City of Berkeley and Alameda County remains in the Purple Tier of California's country tracking system. Under these restrictions, our program remains 100% training-based, with players being able to train in stable pods. Our Spring training program will be similar to the fall program. We have managed to secure enough fields for every Mavericks players to able to train on a regular Spring schedule. Like in the fall we will have to use weekend space to ensure that all teams can train.

There is currently no official timeline when we will able to return to competition. Soccer is classed as a high contact sport and will remain under the current restriction until the City of Berkeley and Alameda County enters the Orange Tier. We can assure all our families that if when/if can play in competition this spring we will be ready to go. Families will still have an opt out of competition option if they still feel uncomfortable. We appreciate all our players and families with their ongoing patience. We cannot wait for the days where we can return to the fields and play.

Spring 2021 Team Training Schedule

All players attending any Mavericks team training must comply with our strict play guidelines and protocols. We want to make sure all our players and coaches can train in a healthy and safe environment. During the spring program, if there any changes to the public health order, MAVS will ensure, all our guidelines will reflect the most up to date information available. We will also ensure that players, coaches, team managers, and families are informed immediately about any changes that occur to the training environment. We are very excited to be back training, but health and safety remains our primary concern.


Trying to find the fields you are training on? CLICK HERE for Maps and Directions


Starting March 1st 2021MAVS SPRING TRAINING   
Club Training Trianing Day 1Training Day 2Training Day 3
Mini Mavs (Sat Training)Saturday - (Gabe E) 9-10am
Mini Mavs (Sunday Training)Sunday - (Gabe W) 9-10am
2012 Boys BlackTues (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15 PMSat (Gabe E) 11:30-12:45PM-
2011 Boys BlackTues (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15 PMSat (Gabe E) 10-11:15AM-
2011 Girls BlackMon (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15PMSat (Gilman S) 12-1:15PM-
2010 Boys BlackMon (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMFri (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15PM Sat (Gabe E) 10-11:15AM
2010 Girls BlackMon (Gabe W) 3:45-5:15PMThurs (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15pmSat (Gabe E) 2:30-3:45PM
2009 Boys BlackMon (Gabe W) 3:45-5:15PMWed (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15PMSat (Gabe E) 1-2:15PM
2009 Girls BlackTues (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMFri (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15PMSat (Gabe E) 1-2:15PM
2008 Boys BlackTues (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMFri (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSat (Gilman S) 12:45-2PM
2008 Girls BlueMon (Gilman E) 5:30-7PMThurs (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15PMSun (Gilman E) 8:30-9:45AM
2008 Girls BlackWed (Gabe W) 5:30-7PMFri (Gilman N) 5:30-7PMSun (Gilman E)8:30-9:45AM
2007 Boys BlueMon (Gabe E) 3:45:-5:15PMWed (Gabe E) 3:45-5:15PMSat (Gilman S) 12-1:15PM
2007 Boys BlackMon (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMWed (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSat (Gilman S) 12:45-2PM
2006 Girls BlueTues (Gilman N) 5:30-7PMFri (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSat (Gabe E) 4-5:15PM
2006 Girls BlackMon (Gabe W) 5:30-7PMFri (Gilman S) 5:30-7PMSun (Gilman E) 9:45-11AM
2005 Boys BlackMon (Gilman E) 5:30-7PMFri (Gilman S) 5:30-7PMSun (Gabe E) 1-3PM
2005 Girls BlueTues (Gabe East) 5:30-7PMFri (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSat (Gabe E) 4-5:15PM
2005 Girls BlackTues (Gilman N) 5:30-7PMThurs (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSun (Gilman E) 9:45-11AM
2004 Boys BlueWed (Gabe W) 5:30-7PMFri (Gilman N) 5:30-7PMSat (Gabe E) 4-5:15PM
2004 Boys BlackMon (Gabe W) 5:30-7PMWed (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSat (Gabe E) 2:30-3:45PM
2004 Girls BlackTues (Gilman N) 5:30-7PMThurs (Gabe E) 5:30-7PMSat (Gabe E) 11:30-12:45PM
2003 Boys BlackMon (Gilman E) 5:30-7 PMFri (Gilman N) 5:30-7PMSat (Gabe E) 5:30-7PM


Spring 2021 Goalkeeper Training

Age GroupsTraining Day 1Training Day 2
2012 - 2007 Fri (Gabe E) 5-6pm
2006 - 2003 Fri (Gabe E) 6-7pmSun 1:45-3pm