Referee Program

Program Overview

Mavericks Soccer Club believes that refereeing is a critical component of youth soccer development, both for young players and their parents.  Each season, Mavericks-affiliated referees assist our soccer community with quality officiating in more than one hundred games at age levels ranging from U9 to U19.

To make this happen, Mavericks provides support in several areas:

  • Advice on referee training classes and certification
  • Mentoring for new referees of all ages
  • Helping Mavericks teams meet their league requirements
  • Offering bonus incentives to young refs

If you are interested in refereeing for Mavericks, or have questions about certification classes, referee pay, or your team’s refereeing requirements, please contact Mavericks Soccer Club Referee Cordinator Dan Bristol - Click Here

Club Referee Bonus

Mavericks referees (who are on the Mavs referee e-mail list for affiliation) can earn a bonus incentive in addition to their standard referee pay by refereeing multiple Mavericks ACCYSL games in a fall or spring season, as follows:

For 5 Mavs ACCYSL games in a season: $50

For 8 Mavs ACCYSL games in a season: $80

ACCYSL Ref Guidelines

(A) Each center referee (CR) and each assistant referee (AR) must be properly licensed to be paid.  Club lines and non-licensed referees are not paid.
(B) Referees failing to complete all reports correctly are subject to forfeiture of pay.
(C) For more about about ACCYSL referee program, click here.

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Division Classifications & Pay Rates

Teams are classified as Recreational or Competitive, and the Competitive teams are ranked in increasing order as Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premier, NPL, etc. Our accounting system has three pay classifications : Rec, Comp, Major. To help referees evaluate game difficulty, we Comp is divided into Div 1, Div 3.

Rec = Recreational
Division 3 =
Copper, Bronze
Division 1 =
Silver, Gold
Major =
NPL or above playing quality level in NorCaL and/or CalNorth at age levels U17-U19.

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