Tryouts - 2021/22 Season

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining the Mavericks competitive program in the 2021-22 season.

Traditional tryouts are only being held for new players, These tryouts will be held during regular Mavericks practices from May 10th onwards. Upon a successful tryout and evaluation new players will be invited to join the program for 2021-22 season.

Please click the button below to get registered to attend.

2006-2003 Welcome Back Week and Open Training/Tryouts

Mavericks Soccer Club will be welcoming back all its high school aged teams after their high school season has finished. This week will also be open for any interested players to tryout for our teams. All interested players are encouraged to register for the tryouts via the button above. Please see details of the Welcome Back Week and Open Training below.


Trying to find the fields you will be trying out on? CLICK HERE for Maps and Directions


Club TrainingHead CoachOpen Training Day 1Open Training Day 2Open Training Day 3
2006 Girls Black (NPL)Matt FitchettTues (Gilman North) 5-7pmThurs (Gilman North) 5-7pmSat (Gilman North) 10-12pm
2006 Girls Blue (Silver)John TamratTues (Gilman North) 5-7pmThurs (Gilman North) 5-7pmSat (Gilman North) 10-12pm
2005 Boys Black (Premier)Marcelio RamosMon (Gilman North) 5-7pmTues (Gilman North) 5-7pmFri (Gilman North) 5-7pm
2005 Girls Black (Premier)Nasos EleftherdisMon (Gilman North) 5-7pmThurs (Gilman North) 5-7pmSat (Gilman North) 10-12pm
2005 Girls Blue (Silver)John TamratMon (Gilman North) 5-7pmThurs (Gilman North) 5-7pmSat (Gilman North) 10-12pm
2004/03 Boys Black (NPL)Nick MenezesMon (Gilman North) 5-7pmThurs (Gilman North) 5-7pmFri (Gilman North) 5-7pm
2004/03 Boys Blue (Gold)Nasos EleftherdisMon (Gilman North) 5-7pmTues (Gilman North) 5-7pmSat (Gilman North) 12-2pm
2004/03 Girls Black (NPL)Mason WebbTues (Gilman North) 5-7pmThurs (Gilman North) 5-7pmSat (Gilman North) 12-2pm



2013-2007 New Player Tryouts

We have now concluded our younger tryouts for the 2021/22 season. However, we have very limited space on a few rosters and would be happy to evaluate any players interested in playing for Mavericks Soccer Club. Please contact our Director of Coaching, Mason Webb to organize a time to train and be evaluated Mason can be contact via