Scholarship Fund Established in Memory of Ross Schultz

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Ross Schultz, a former Mavericks player, tragically died in a car accident on May 25, 2021.  We all are deeply saddened by this horrible news.  Here, we honor Ross.

Ross started his soccer career early in life.  He played Mavericks for Coach Niall, then moved to Spurs.  Ross’ brother, Matt, was also a Mavericks player and was in the Mavericks’ Young Coaches program.  Matt was assigned to JT’s team, the Crew.  Matt was very impressed and recommended to Ross that he try to get on JT’s team, but he was a year older.  However, US Soccer changed the age cutoff at the same time that Ross had a growth spurt.  He went from the smallest, youngest player on Spurs to being a bigger, older player.  And he was the right age to play for the Crew so he made the move back to Mavericks.

The Crew was a second family that Ross loved dearly.  With Coach JT, the Crew achieved tremendous on-field success and formed some of the deepest friendships anyone could hope for.  Ross regularly spent off-field time with his teammates, sharing meals with them as they traveled, taking yoga classes, and planning offseason vacations.

That same Crew team made up the majority of the starting lineup for Berkeley High School in their championship seasons.

Ross played soccer with an intensity and passion that made his teammates want to play better.  He was fierce on the field, but quick to share a smile and a laugh after.

We at Mavericks – and especially Ross’ teammates and coach JT – will dearly miss Ross.

In Ross’ honor, we are creating a scholarship in his name:  The Ross Schultz/Mavericks Scholarship. We have added the donation button below so families and friends can donate to this scholarship fund.  We will use the scholarship funds to assist players in need who desire to play for Mavericks.  We hope to make this an annual scholarship.



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