Mavericks Soccer Club

Board of Directors

About us

Our board members are volunteers from various professional backgrounds (law, medicine, business, commercial develoment, tech, education, etc.), all with a passion for youth soccer, working together to ensure our club provides a great place for our children to learn, grow, & enjoy the game of soccer.   We provide strategic visioning & planning , tactical support, and general checks & balances for our coaches & staff - to ensure Mavericks Soccer Club remains the premier club in the hearts of our current players & families, and top of mind for prospective players & families.

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We meet once per month, on the 4th Thursday of each month @ The Blue Barn, off Gilman, near our Gabe Catalfo fields.  If you're interested in joining, please reach out to our President

Tom Donnelly - President    |     Janet Yokoyama - Vice President  |     Dave Metz - Treasurer    |     Janel Wellborn    |     Lauren Gradia   |    Bridget Collins