Mavericks Soccer Club

Proud to be Different

Mavericks Soccer Club is a premier youth soccer organization that plays competitively in the NorCal Premier Soccer League (NorCal) and NPL and is locally the select soccer program of the Alameda-Contra Costa Youth Soccer League (ACCYSL).  Players both in ACCYSL and outside of the league are encouraged to try out for the Mavericks teams in their age group. 

Our professional coaching staff doesn't just coach soccer, they teach young players how to be leaders first by leading themselves, and then by leading others. Our vision is to inspire young players to be different on the field and off of it by encouraging them through our club DNA to be brave, creative, relentless, and resilient. We have a rich history of serving young players (ages 6-19) in Albany, Berkeley Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Kennsington, Emeryville, Oakland and beyond. Our players come from all different communities socially, geographically, and ethnically.

Our goal is to offer the highest level of soccer to all qualified players. All we ask of a player is the ability and commitment to play at this level. The Mavericks offer an outstanding opportunity for players to reach their highest soccer potential.

Being a part of Mavericks Soccer Club, means being a part of something bigger than just soccer.




Modern Soccer Instruction

Each of our professional coaching staff creates an age specific annual plan that targets their team’s unique technical, tactical, and psychosocial needs to create the optimum learning environment


Sports Psychology

We have guest Sports Psychologists speak who educate our staff throughout the year and use principles of Sports Psychology to keep our players motivated, engaged, and confident while fostering a culture of growth, experimentation and play.



Leadership Development

We have identified core values and principles that foster leadership and character development and have layered these into our curriculum


"The Mavericks Soccer Club combines the right level of fun and competitiveness and more importantly, a strong community to support our kids' love of soccer." -- David Tjen (Mavs Parent)

"The move to the Mavericks Soccer Club was huge for my child.
Our initial concern was centered around fitting in. The team, the coaches, and the families are tremendous. My child didn't just join the Mavericks, WE joined the Mavericks. The coaching has been phenomenal. They get my kid. They know how much to push and to support. I'd highly recommend Mavericks for all." -- Ruben Aurelio (Mavs parent)

"WE have truly enjoyed being part of the Mavericks! My daughter loves the coaches, her teammates, and the high level of soccer.
I appreciate the management around the games & the parent community." -- Jen Yang (Mavs parent)

"At Mavericks I love the supportive teammates and coaches that make soccer fun!." -- Tessa Metcalfe (Mavs player)

Club Vision

To change the game of competitive youth soccer by providing a platform that fosters personal growth through a hybrid of modern soccer instruction, sports psychology, and leadership development.

Club Mission

To educate, inspire, and empower future leaders through the game of soccer.

Mavericks Soccer Club Core Values


Practice building a positive attitude toward yourself, your teammates and your life


Respect the game, yourself, others, and everything else will follow


Strive to achieve goals that are outside of your comfort zone


Have the courage to take risks


Take ownership of where you are and where you want to be


You're stronger as a group than by yourself



Give your best effort in everything you do


Have fun and play as much as you can


Have the courage and resolve to learn from mistakes, and continue striving for your goals


Express yourself in unique ways and look outside the box for solutions


Follow through on your commitments


Commitment to support your development and team through high attendance at practice and games.


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1191 SOLANO AVE #6288   ALBANY,  CA 94706