Open Tryouts - 2022/23 Season

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining the Mavericks competitive program for the 2022-23 season. Any player interested in Mavericks Soccer Club is welcome to attend our open tryouts. Open tryouts are in accordance with the Norcal Premier Soccer Open Tryouts Window, which means anyone is allowed to tryout at Mavericks even if you currently play with another soccer club in the local area. We also encourage players of all soccer experience and abilities to attend, as we have multiple teams in many age groups.

Mavericks Soccer Club will be hosting our open tryouts beginning Monday, May 16th for players born 2015-2009. For players born 2008-2004 our tryouts will begin on Monday, May 23rd. You will find the tryout schedule below.

Please read our FAQ section below to learn more about Mavericks Soccer Club and our 2022/23 program

All players attending a Mavericks Soccer Club Tryout MUST register to attend. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the registration button at the top of the page. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions about Mavericks Soccer Club Open Tryouts please contact

Mavericks Soccer Club FAQ's


How Many Tryouts Do I Need to Attend?

During our tryouts, we ask players to attend as many of the sessions as possible. While you are only required to attend one tryout to receive an offer to play at Mavericks. The more our coaches can evaluate each soccer player the better they can understand each player's skills and ability.

When will I find out if I make a team?

The team's first set of invites will be sent within 24 hours of the last tryout, via email. Players will be given 48 hours to commit to the program by paying a $250 non-refundable deposit. The deposit is taken off the club's annual fee. Players that don't receive an email within the first 24 hours should be considered as being placed on the waiting list. After the 48 hour commitment window, our coaches will begin to fill any spots with players on the waiting list. Sometimes (not very often) bringing a team together can take up to seven days. After this period if you haven't made the team an email will be sent from our Director of Coaching with an update.

Do all players have to pay the deposit?

Yes, the $250 deposit is to secure your spot on the team. It is non-refundable and it is taken directly off your annual fee. All players must pay this deposit even if they are applying for Financial Aid. If you have an issue paying the full $250 at one time we are happy to provide you with a payment plan. This payment must be complete by 7/1

Where do Teams Train?

All Mavericks Soccer Club training takes players at either Gabe Catalfo Fields or the Gilman Tom Bates Sports Complex in West Berkeley.

How many times per week do teams train?

  • Mini Mavericks - 2 times per week
  • 7v7 Teams (2014-2013) - 2 times per week
  • 9v9 Teams (2012-2011) - 3 times per week
  • 11v11 Teams (2010-2004) - 3 times per week

How is the season structured?

Summer: Mid July

  • One week Kick-off Camp for all teams (Click to see 2022 Schedule
  • Summer Training after Kick off Camp
  • Summer Tournaments

Fall Season: Mid August to Thanksgiving 

  • Fall Training
  • League Games
  • Tournament(s)
  • State Cup

Winter Season: December to February 

  • High School Aged Players leave to play at their High School
  • Youngers players are invited participate in a winter & Futsal Program

Spring Season: March to June 

  • Spring Training
  • League Games
  • Spring Tournament(s) 
  • State Cup (older teams only)


What are the Annual Fees?

Fee details are available by clicking the Club Registration and Fees button below or on the menu banner. For the third year, running Mavericks will be freezing our annual fee, we will feel in the current financial climate families shouldn't have to take on additional financial burdens. Fees however will look a little higher than last year, this is due to our new payment structure. In the past, the annual fee did not cover each team's tournaments, and families would have to pay additional money to their team manager for tournaments. This year Mavericks will be taking responsibility away from Team Managers, so we will be adding a tournament fee cost that will cover your participation in all your team's local tournaments.

When do I make my Annual Fee Payments?

  • $250 deposit is made to secure your spot on the team
  • 60% of the remaining fee is paid by July 1st 
  • 40% of the fee is paid by December 15th

We offer individual payment plans to help suit your budget, these are arranged and approved by the Executive Director. Any payment plan must be completed by April 1st 2023, and must be kept up to date throughout the year. Any default on payments will lead to your son/daughter's player card being removed until payments are bought back up to date.

Does Mavericks offer Financial Aid?

Yes, over 30% of our players receive some type of financial assistance or payment plan. A Financial Aid application can be filled in once the $250 deposit is paid. Our regular Financial Aid is a 50% reduction of the annual fee. If a family doesn't qualify for this program we can offer an individual payment plan to stretch out payments over the year. If a family requires more than the regular 50% financial assistance, they can ask for the application be reconsidered by our financial commitment on the Mavericks board

Does Mavericks Soccer Club support MultiSports Athletes?

Yes, we support players who play multiple sports especially in the younger age groups. We will accommodate and support your child as much as we can. 

Will uniforms be changing this year?

No, our current uniform will be used for another year. Current players will not have to purchase new uniforms. New players will be required to purchase a uniform set. You can find information about Mavericks uniforms at the bottom of the page. As part of the annual fee, all players will receive a new set of training jerseys. 

Does Mavericks have a training curriculum for its players and teams?

Yes, each age group has a periodization plan that requires staff to work on specific themes related to the curriculum in a 2 or 3-week cycle. The professional coaching staff meets bi-monthly to discuss the impact of these themes within the context of their team's training and games.

Does Mavericks have a set style of play?

Yes, at Mavericks we play a possession-based style of play where we aim to create numerical and positional superiority in key areas through quick ball circulation in order to find, create, exploit space. We intend to develop as many players as possible and so we instruct our players to play a collective game and find attacking solutions in each zone of the field. We set up our defensive structures to deny opposition from playing out of the back and/or through our lines by forcing them into areas we can outnumber and win the ball back.


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