Mavericks Soccer Club - Play Up Policy 

As a general policy, Mavericks soccer players are expected to play at their proper age group, which is determined by their birth year.
The club recognizes that there are occasions where some players may be ready to be considered for the next age level within the club’s competitive team structure. Playing up is the exception rather than the rule in youth soccer.
  1. Player should be dominant in his/her own age group.
  2. Player should be mentally mature and able to relate to the older teammates.
  3. Player should be athletically and physically mature enough for the higher age.
  4. Player should be an impact player on older team for which playing time is equivalent to a starter.
  5. If the player is going to be a role player or spend a lot of time on the bench, there is no point in him/her playing up and risk destroying his/her confidence.
  6. The player should be the one that wants to play up, not just the parents.
  • Requests to play up must be made each year.
  • If the player has “played up” in the prior year, the coach must complete a “Recommendation to Play Up” form and report this to the Director of Coaching.
This recommendation must include:
  • Name of Player
  • Player’s birth date
  • Team and age group currently playing with
  • Strengths detailing specific evidence of the following above the current age group:
  • Weaknesses
Parents are not required to make any requests for their son/daughter. Your head coach will let you know of the final decision prior to the start of tryouts.
All, New players to the club will tryout with his/her age appropriate team.