2006 Girls Blue

Team level: Silver


Santa Cruz Classic (2nd place)

Manager:  Ed Kress

John Tamrat Head Shot

Coach: John Tamrat


Featured Player:  Sammy Wellborn

  • position: defender
  • coach quote: “Sammy comes to play!  she challenges every ball, makes her voice heard on the field, and brings amazing energy all game, every game.  She's tough and never quits."
    - - Coach Bre Bolerjack
  • Teammate quote: “xxx"
    -- teammate Ali Forbush
  • Life outside of Mavericks: Sammy plays volleyball & basketball on her school teams, and also does hip hop with VanderZwan Studio. She plays a mean trombone and clarinet, too! She’s in 6th grade at School of the Madeleine.